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July 16, 2008
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to find an area code for a specific location, find that area using the A - Z below...


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to find the location matching an area code, find the area code using the numbers below...


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If you're looking for a comprehensive database of area codes, sorted by location then welcome! Every Area Code as the name suggests gives you details of every area code in America!

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latest area codes:
270 is the area code for Manitou, Hopkins, Kentucky!
309 is the area code for Manito, Mason, Illinois!
906 is the area code for Manistique, Schoolcraft, Michigan!
231 is the area code for Manistee, Manistee, Michigan!
712 is the area code for Manilla, Crawford, Iowa!

featured code:
...each and every day we will select one code from our collection as our featured area code of the day!

today's code is... 740... this area code belongs to Bellaire, Belmont which is found in Ohio!

If you would like more information on this area code, enter 740 in the code search!

random codes:
607 is the area code for Berkshire, Tioga, New York!
787 is the area code for Cidra, Cidra, Puerto Rico!
817 is the area code for Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas!
765 is the area code for Coatesville, Putnam, Indiana!
701 is the area code for Streeter, Stutsman, North Dakota!
540 is the area code for Willis, Floyd, Virginia!
520 is the area code for Catalina, Pima, Arizona!

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